Rainbow Labyrinth

About the Rainbow Labyrinth Symbolism
If you’re curious as to what my business name ‘Rainbow Labyrinth’ and its symbol means to me here’s some insight for you.

The Rainbow has been a symbol of love, blessings, peace, joy, harmony and unity for millennia across the Earth.

For me, the Rainbow symbolises the connective ‘energy bridge’ between the everyday world that we live in, and the worlds of non-ordinary reality.

It is the bridge that takes me out of my everyday consciousness and into the other dimensions or realms where all kinds of BEings live – these are our spiritual teachers and guides who support and work with us day to day throughout our lives. BEings that live in these various realms of non-ordinary reality include: spirit guides, power/totem animals, Ascended Masters, loved ones who’ve crossed over, Arch Angels and angels, Star Beings, aspects of the Goddess/God and Great Spirit.

Have you ever noticed how seeing a Rainbow lifts your energy and revitalises your soul? The Rainbow is a magickal sign from the Divine that we are being watched over, heard, nurtured and loved.

The Labyrinth is a very ancient symbol that represents our pathway through life from birth to death to rebirth. The Labyrinth has only one entry and exit point, unlike a maze which has several and can be confusing/misleading.

The Labyrinth is a form of spiral which, when we walk inwards, shows things about ourselves, our life, our abilities, strengths/weaknesses and our lessons. The Labyrinth takes on a spiralling journey into and out of our self. When we consciously walk the Labyrinth, we discover all kinds of things about the world around us, and the one within us. As we walk out of the Labyrinth we are walking our newly discovered insights, wisdoms and abilities back into use in our everyday lives.

Walking the Labyrinth also enables us to explore not only ordinary and non-ordinary reality, it also takes us through the 4 areas of the Quadrune brain.

These 4 areas are: the Reptilian brain which is the oldest part of our brain and the home of our primal fears [the fight or flight triggers of survival. The Mammalian or Limbic brain which connects us to life, emotions/feelings, perceptions of reality and consciousness. Then there’s the Neo-cortex via which we tap into our abilities to create, conceive ideas/concepts and make real what we dream and envision. This aspect of the brain is seen as the seat of the ‘language of the soul’. The fourth aspect is the Pre-frontal Lobe or God brain – from here we come to understand the divine in ourselves and all beings. It’s the house of the new consciousness that’s been talked about by the Inka, Maya and other folk for millennia …it’s what we humans are evolving into.

I’ve loved Rainbows since my very early childhood. When I was feeling the nudges from Goddess to develop what I love doing and am passionate about teaching and sharing, into my path and my business, I asked Her for a sign that would symbolise all this for me.

The Rainbow Labyrinth has shown up throughout my life as a sign and confirmation that I’m on the right path for me. It’s physically come to me of one actually touching the road that I was driving on: I got to drive through the Rainbow. It was sensational!

Another time, I awoke early to this funny light – wondering what was going on I went to the window and realised that my entire home was in the base of the Rainbow. That was pretty cool, and yes I knew without any doubt that my Rainbow Labyrinth was/ is THE symbol for me and my work.

I’ve also had this deep passion for walking Labyrinths for many years and love creating and walking them whenever I can.

The vision for me making my business logo a Rainbow Labyrinth came after I’d left teaching and was wondering what next.

It turned into me sitting down at a computer and pixel by pixel, dot by dot, colouring the Labyrinth symbol I’d found until it was, and is, ’my’ Rainbow Labyrinth today.

Rainbow ~ the bridge between the mystical & the everyday world
Labyrinth ~ our spiralling, life path into wholeness