Lynn Solang Smith & her Rainbow Labyrinth Mystic Shaman self-empowerment classes for women:

‘… I would recommend you make your first steps today and enrol into the Rainbow Labyrinth Mystic Shaman course as Lynn Solang will guide and ignite you into your heart to remember who you are for a deeper, loving journey into you. If you want to let go of fear and past experiences which are holding you back and move forward into the life of your dreams and journey into peace, happiness, success and love, then I would recommend this course for you.’

All my love Anna ~ Akasha ~ Willey

I have gone through the Munay-Ki Rites with Lynn. It remains one of the most heart felt and magical times of my life! I highly recommend Lynn for this, you will feel supported and cared for throughout the whole journey. And a magical journey it will be.

Jacqui re Munay-ki Rites

I was blessed to have a teacher called Heather Nyland, she taught just like you Lynn Smith and never sought the title Guru, you so obviously come from the HEART, which is by far the most appropriate way. Keep doing what you are doing !!!

David J via Facebook

Thanks Lynn 🙂  You have been wonderful.


Lynn, thank you for tonight, always an exceptionally wonderful night when you are on the podium and then follow up with a ceremony. Tonight, giving and receiving love from 32 people, so 62 heartfelt hugs and connection! Smiling from ear to ear!.  So much sharing of hearts, magical! Thank you xo

Jason via Soul Friday

I have had a few experiences lately on acceptance, differences, judging others and forgiveness. Since being a mother of a child who has differences, gets judged by others and sometimes is not accepted, I thought this was an important thing for me to write to also help me understand and the World understand the differences of others. Lynn Smith thank you for coming into my life and being you. I can’t wait to see where the journey I have begun with you leads to.

Kylie re Mystic Shaman Course & Meditation Circle

Lynn Smith I am still mesmorized by what I observed yesterday during our ‘shape shifting’ session on SoulTV. It is absolutely fascinating at witnessing this ‘merging as one’ (which left me speechless on-air) and I am beside myself with excitement that I was able to connect with your Spirit Animals.

Joanne Robertson

“I know this woman, she is one of the most beautiful, authentic…very authentic woman, she gives so so much, shares everything & comes entirely from her heart space, her energy is amazing. I¡¯m learning about what kind of teacher I want to be, what kind of woman I want to be. Thank you Thank you for simply being you my love, you will never know how much you have taught me xxxx”