Rainbow Labyrinth Soul Retrieval Classes


These teachings are based on the training & Intuitive Shamanic & experiential wisdom of Lynn Solang & those who come along to share ~ through learning & doing & Being ~ the wisdom of Spirit/Goddess/God’s Sacred Hoop or Medicine Wheel of Life.

Some things to ponder:

  • What do you understand the Shamanic path, and in particular, Soul Retrieval work to mean and to be?
  • How does this work fit into your visions for your work and in your life?
  • Why is self-empowerment important to you & your life and how does it complement Shamanic Soul Retrieval work?
  • How do you see yourself in relationship to life, the Universe & everything?

What is Energy?

What is energy? How does it work? What does negative energy mean? What’s positive energy? Do you believe in good/bad energy? Do you believe others can psychically attack you? Why or why not? The Power of Prayer.

Who’s in your inner circle? What qualities do you respect in these folk that encourages you to have them in your inner circle?

What Inspires or Uplifts YOU?

What does ‘BEing of Service’ mean to YOU?

What does ‘truth’ mean to YOU?

A few Key Principles/Truths …

Integrity, Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Courage, Strength, Wisdom, Laughter, Radical Compassion, Radical Truth, Flexibility, Innocence, Trust, Faith, Gratitude, Respect/Boundaries, Harmony, Balance, Beauty, Allowance

 Tools that you will very useful for you in this work with Soul Retrieval studies and practice:

~ Journal

A personal sacred space to keep & record what’s going on as we journey the course together.

It’s your sacred space to write about &/or draw your experiences, emotions & feelings without censure by anyone else.

It’s where you write about what you’ve noticed happening around you. What is your inner world reflecting in your outer world and v.v. Who’s your mirror? Why?

Also a space for drawing/describing visions, dreams, meditation guidance etc, ditto the Cloud People, Birds, animals and insects you are noticing around you.

~ Medicine Tools

Rattle, Drum, Smudge Feather Fan / Bowl, Gongs / Bowls, Crystals

Some of the Topics to be covered in the Rainbow Labyrinth Soul Retrieval course will include:

Intuitive Shaman, Creativity, Crystals, NO FEAR, YOGA = Your Own Guru Always, Being in your power/truth, Smudging, Sacred Tools, Munay-ki Rites, Trancing with drums/rattles/gongs/bowls/toning, Creator Beings, BEing Now, We Are All One, I Am Another One of You, Grounding, Sacred space, Experiencing /feeling energy, Seeing auras, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognisance, Telepathy, Smudging, Prayers and praying, Other realms/dimensions [the Upper, Lower and Middle Worlds], Spiritual allies, Power animals, Sanctuary /boundary of self love, Hara Line.

Sacred Ceremony

 – I will show you a variety of ceremonies to use in your own shamanic practice

For this Course we meet every 3 weeks for 6 sessions

Energy Exchange:
$480 ($80 per Session)

Soul Retrieval Class

6 Sessions Every 3 Weeks – $480

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