Mystic Shaman Course

Rainbow Labyrinth Mystic Shaman Level 1

A 13 month course into mysticism, alchemy, shamanic pathways & self-empowerment designed for women.

Are you curious about discovering & exploring yourself & your spiritual path?

Do you want to learn more about Goddess Shamanic pathwork via powerful yet simple ways of connecting & working more consciously & deeply with Mother Earth, Spirit Guides, Angels, Power Animals, Star Beings and other spiritual Elders?

Do you want to walk the Earth in a shamanic way with your higher senses open & alert to the worlds around you?

Do you enjoy ritual and ceremony, crafting your own medicine tools and energy shields?

If so, then why not join me and other wylde women on a Goddess inspired, mystic, shamanic, alchemical journey that weaves old wisdom with new awakenings as we embrace the Mystic Shaman within .. re-discover yourself within the essence of Goddess as a Mystic Shaman.

We explore numerous ways of connecting with energy, of awakening you to your higher sensory gifts and how to deepen your connection with the Divine.

Rainbow Labyrinth Mystic Shaman Level 1 outline:

Level 1 provides basic, fundamental skills through experiential and theoretical teachings which cover:

  • Rainbow Labyrinth Mystic Shaman pathwork.

What this is and how it helps us to connect more directly with:
Walking the Earth in connected, mindful and heart-centred ways;
The Sacred Directions [East, North, West and South] and how they relate to the phases of life;
Discovering the Clairs [HSP – higher sensory perceptions] and identifying which are the ones you are your strongest – usually the  ones you are most comfortable working with & how to enhance their application in everyday living; developing all of your Clairs to some degree;
Power Animals and Spirit guides – who are they, what are they, how to work consciously with them;
The Elements & Elemental Beings – their functions, roles and attributes;
Aspects of the Creator/Goddess & what they signify on a personal level;
And connecting with and building a personal team of spiritual allies.

  • The differences and similarities between: labyrinth, circle, spiral and the maze & the ways that these tools can help us to make physical and metaphysical journeys into and out of self for guidance, healing, clarity and creation.
  • Hands-on ways to go through a Shamanic journey work with drum, rattle, guided meditation and experiential course work designed to enhance each individual’s understanding of the relevance of these to our everyday world.
  • Learning how to walk the pathways of non-ordinary reality [the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds] and developing a deep, personal relationship with these places and the Beings who dwell there.
  • Becoming aware of and consciously working with the phases of the Moon
  • Developing a grounded, practical understanding of the 13 Moons in each year and the energy associated with each Moon ..  the 13 Grandmothers
  • Working with the Solstices and Equinoxes and learning to differentiate their respective qualities and energy frequencies.
  • Making medicine tools: medicine shield for each direction, a rattle and a medicine pouch – using the power of sacred breath, heart intent and prayer ceremony.
  • How to work with the alchemy of: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit.
  • Creating ceremony and ritual that are meaningful to self.
  • Using the knowledge acquired through Level 1 to create 4 personal Medicine Shields symbolizing the ‘journey’ taken to each direction for a period of 2 -3 months for each direction.
  • Working with Kundalini energy via breathwork and movement.

Come on … walk the path of the Rainbow Labyrinth Mystic Shaman with me!

… you’ll emerge like a butterfly newly reborn: radiant and ready to soar

We gather on a Sunday near the Full Moon every month.

Energy exchange is
$125 Per Month x 13 months For Level 1
$1300 If Paid In Full At Course Commencement

A non-refundable deposit of $125.00 to secure your investment in you is due by the first session.

Mystic Shaman Goddess Tree
Mystic Shaman Snake At Goddess Tree

Mystic Shaman Course - per Month

$125 Per Month x 13 months

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