Meet Your Spirit Guides  – 6 Sessions Course

Spirit Guides are our team of spiritual allies that help & support us in our daily lives & enrich our spiritual connections.

By learning to discern the energy ‘signatures’ & messages from your spirit allies, not only will you expand your intuition & abilities to use your Higher Sensory abilities, you will also feel much more connected to the natural world, and the magic and mystery contained within it & to the spirit realms.

In this 6 session course you will learn how to connect, then work with:

~ Power/Totem animals;

~ Arch Angels / Angels;

~ Spirit guides/elders;

~ Elemental Being [the beings who are connected with the 5 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit];

~ Star Beings;

~ and an aspect of the Divine.

For those who cannot attend in person a Skype version of this Mini Course is available.

Energy exchange is:
$240 For The 6 Session Course

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