Rainbow Labyrinth Intuitive Shamanic Walks

Rainbow Labyrinth Intuitive Shamanic Walks are a form of moving meditation. They are enriching, empowering and relaxing. They help us to stay connected & grounded in this busy, fast-pace world.

Our walks together will be physical journeys located at beaches, in the mountains, by the rivers, near a lake .. or maybe even my backyard or yours

 … you will be amazed at what you discover when you walk consciously, mindfully and playfully!

When I walk consciously, connecting with what is actually around me – rather than being in my head, with 1,000’s of thoughts & ‘must do’s’ floating around in my mind – my life experience is enhanced and enriched.

I find myself becoming quieter, observing what’s around me.

I discover that I’m … Feeling the air, Seeing the sounds, Hearing the colours of nature, Touching the good earth.

This isn’t new agey ‘airy fairy’ stuff .. this is REAL and its very very ancient. Indigenous folk have walked the world in this way for 1,000’s of years.

.. if you are interested in joining my next Rainbow Labyrinth Intuitive Shaman Walk, why not book your place now.

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Rainbow Labyrinth Shamanic Walks
Rainbow Labyrinth Intuitive Shamanic Walks

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