Intuitive Psychic Readings

Intuitive Psychic Reading

Lynn Solang is an Intuitive Psychic Tarot Reader, Shamanic Psychotherapist and Holistic Counsellor

If life has been a bit of a puzzle of late then why not book an Intuitive Psychic tarot reading or a shamanic healing session with me to receive real, practical and authentic guidance.

I am an Intuitive Psychic Reader who’s been reading for years combining my intuition & professional training with shamanic pathways to provide practical, every day guidance, holistic health & well-being.

As a ‘self-taught’ Intuitive Psychic Reader & channel, I work directly with my guides, Goddess & power animals & have done so since early childhood.

My readings evolved from my tuning in more deeply to Goddess, my guides & Star BEings who have guided, nudged & taught me how to get great insights for the folk I work with. As such, I’ve been offering my Intuitive Psychic readings for 16+ years in person, at Events, Markets, via phone, Skype, on TV & Radio.

When I am doing an Intuitive Psychic reading, I combine my natural Intuitive Psychic abilities, creativity, healing energies & the intuitive messages I receive from my guides & Goddess with my professional training & shamanic pathwork to provide my clients/students with practical, every day, holistic & well-being tools that they can use in their daily lives.

I don’t actually ‘need’ to use cards when I read, as the messages become ‘present’ in my energy field. That said, I will and do use them as ‘triggers’ for guidance and as a tool for my client’s benefit.

Part of my abilities as an Intuitive Psychic Reader & Channel include my channeling and speaking the Languages of LoveLight. The Languages of LoveLight, or Star Languages, are a very high sonic vibration which come through via the Pleiades or other star systems & Beings. The Language of LoveLight resonates directly with our soul. Sometimes I’m able to translate into English the messages that come through, at other times it’s the sonic, vibrational frequency which is the ‘key’ to the blessing and healing received.

When I am working with a client I am ‘tuning in’ to their guides & mine & I’m able to ‘see’ & ‘hear’, ‘feel’ &/or ‘know’ who’s around them, relay messages & give ‘energy transmissions’ when the Goddess ‘moves’ through me to work with individuals. Clients at events have told me that they can ‘feel’ this energy as I move through the room & that it’s uplifting.

Sessions are for 60 minutes or 90 minutes and can be done in person, via phone or Skype.

Energy Exchange :
$125 for 60 Minute Session
$175 for 90 Minute Session

Intuitive Psychic Reading

60 Minute Session – $125

Intuitive Psychic Reading

90 Minute Session – $175

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