Rainbow Labyrinth

Rainbow ~ the bridge between the mystical & the everyday world.
Labyrinth ~ our spiralling, life path into wholeness.

Rainbow Labyrinth

Living ~ Learning ~ Loving ~ Laughing ~ Well-BEing

Lynn Solang’s aim is to help you live your life fully, deeply & richly in harmonious, balanced & heart-centred ways.

As an Intuitive Shaman and Healer with a wealth of experience, she combines her intuition & professional training with shamanic pathways to promote practical, every day, holistic health and well-being.

As an Intuitive Shamanic practitioner, she continuously works on expanding her awareness & understanding of how to live life more harmoniously via real, authentic and practical ways which are easily applied to everyday life.

Why don’t you come take a walk with her … & see how much more empowered you feel when you’re living your life in ways which enrich you every day!

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What’s an Intuitive Shaman & How Did I Become One?

Simply put, an Intuitive Shaman is someone who is mostly ‘self-taught’ via their intuitive, psychic abilities in harmonious conjunction with their connection and communication with their personal spirit teachers, ancestors, guides or allies from beyond ordinary reality to work for the betterment of all. Intuitive Shamans are here to assist with the harmonious interactions, healing and well-BEing of others and our Mother Earth.
– Lynn Solang / Rainbow Starfire

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The Rainbow Labyrinth

About the Rainbow Labyrinth Symbolism If you’re curious as to what my business name ‘Rainbow Labyrinth’ and its symbol means to me here’s some insight for you. The Rainbow has been a symbol of love, blessings, peace, joy, harmony and unity for millennia across the...
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Lynn Solang Smith

Healing Modalities and Self-empowerment Workshops

At Rainbow Labyrinth you are offered a variety of healing techniques, integrative & intuitive healing processes, courses & workshops that are designed to help you to enhance your experience of life:

  • Shamanic Psychotherapy
  • Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings
  • Holistic Counselling
  • Sonic Healing: drums, crystal bowls & chimes
  • Reiki/Seichem
  • Munay-Ki Rites
  • Breathwork & energy healing
  • Meditation exercises & skills
  • Shamanic techniques & journey work processes
  • Shamanic self-empowerment courses & workshops
  • Art and Craft workshops
  • Medicine Drummaking workshops & healings
  • Creative Visualisation Empowerment techniques
  • Vision Boarding to manifest your dreams/aspirations